Light In Life

by Broken Glow

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"Light In Life" is a short preview of Broken Glow's upcoming full-length album "Bioluminescence," due out in late 2013


released March 19, 2013



all rights reserved


Broken Glow Savannah, Georgia

Once described as the sonic love child of Slash and Led Zeppelin, Broken Glow's one mission is plain - to rock. After over five years of recording, traveling, melting speakers, exploding amps and musical mayhem, Garrett and Paul remain the last men standing as they continue to take their brand of heavy music to the limit. ... more

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Track Name: Won't Be Sold
I want my story to be told, won't let me name be sold
No girl, no guy, not the Post or FBI
I didn't fit the mold, no

Stare at the sky, I'm hypnotized
Don't know the title wave's about to crash
You read the news, take what you choose
'Cause the vultures learn to catch on fast
We don't know what everyone's looking for
I got a little blue man in a little black suit
Knockin' down my front door
I can't take it anymore

Interrogate, don't hesitate
'Cause a cellmate is also a friend
Nothing to hide but some broke insides
And if you're curious it never ends
Photos, stories, everyone takes his turn
To have his fun in the summer sun,
But a naked man always burns
I guess they'll never learn

They'll never catch me
Track Name: Royal Blue
The man on the stage never told his real age
And the words on the page were the bars of his cage
And his heart filled with rage when they hailed him a sage
And although he felt beige they named him
Royal Blue

His intentions weren't clear to himself or those near
As they started to hear a verse floating in ear
That could cut like a spear or carress them so dear
So from spite or from fear they named him
Royal Blue

When they started to see what he'd wanted to be
They all wondered how he'd found a way to be free
Every sweet melody was a sacred decree
And so down on one knee they named him
Royal Blue

Lay him down underground
Heavy is the head that wears the crown

The day the sun rose red he lay still in his bed
No more thoughts in his head would again be misled
But the people who read all the words he had said
Venerated the dead and named him
Royal Blue
Track Name: Cage
I am stuck here in this cage
Face is wrinkling with age
I am stuck here in this cage
Won't you help me turn the page
In the cage

I could use some company
Someone to show me how to get free
I could use some company
Won't you come and comfort me?
In the cage